Datalogic Viper-NET - FAQ

Datalogic 9/14/2018

Datalogic Viper-NET - FAQ

Does the Viper-NET support Pocket PC or Mobile 2003?

No, Viper-NET mobile computer supports the Microsoft Windows CE .Net 4.2 platform which provides a standardized mobile computing platform that facilitates rapid application development, seamless integration and application compatibility. In addition with this type of platform the application software can be easily migrated onto different form factors such as VMT terminal (i.e. Rhino-NET).

Will Pocket PC applications run on the Viper-NET mobile computer?

Most likely no. If they are developed with Visual Studio .NET environment, they can be loaded and run on the Viper-NET when running the .NET Compact Framework on the mobile computers.

What tools do I need to develop an application for the Viper-NET?

The MSD SDK for Windows CE .Net from Datalogic to be used with Microsoft’s Embedded Visual C++ 4 or and the Visual Studio.NET development tools.

Does the Viper-NET supports an Advanced Long Range laser scanner?

Yes, the Viper-NET mobile computers supports the best Extra Long Range available today in the market, with adaptive focus.

Will the Viper-NET supports a PDF417 reading?

Yes, but only as special version. Please contact you local Technical Support representative for further information.

Will the Viper-NET supports a Imager engine?

No. This option has been removed from current schedule.

How do I know which operating system build/revision I have on my Viper-NET?

On the Viper-NET, go to MyComputer > Windows > double click home . htm > select version. By default this page is opened when Internet Explorer is launched.

Can the Viper-NET be configured with a WLAN card different from Cisco?

Yes, the Viper-NET in Radio-Ready version supports also Symbol WLAN card (Mod. LA4121-xxxx-xx); the card must be purchased locally in OEM version, without end-cap antenna. The antennas are pre-installed in the Radio-ready version and just need to be connected while the WLAN card is plugged-in. The radio driver are included in the CD-Rom of the Viper-NET.

Can the wireless radio options be upgraded in the field?

Yes, but only by authorized personnel from our Business Partner since the unit must be opened.

Does the Viper-NET WWAN radio such as GSM or GPRS?

No, the Viper-NET supports WLAN (Wi-Fi) and WPAN (Bluetooth).

Do the Viper-NET with the Bluetooth radio support a Bluetooth headset?

No, The integrated Bluetooth module does not support the BT headset profile.

How long does it take to charge a Viper-NET main battery?

It takes approximately 4 hours to charge a completely flat battery in the Single Cradle, Multiple Battery Charger or through the charging & communication cables (CAB-405, CAB-406).

Do I need a USB driver to support USB communications?

Yes, the USB driver by Datalogic should be from the SDK CD-Rom supplied with the Viper-NET. Moreover you have to install Microsoft ActiveSync rev 3.7 or higher on your host PC.

Can the Viper-NET be used as a USB host device?

No, the Viper-NET USB connections may only be used as a client.

Are Viper-NET product images and logo available?

Yes, go to Datalogic Extranet and visit the Partners Area to download various product and peripheral graphics.

How do I activate a barcode data capture demo?

On the Viper-NET, go to Control Panel > double click Barcode Reader icon. A scan demo is launched.