Frequently Asked Questions For IDEC Relays

IDEC Corporation 3/19/2018
Frequently Asked Questions For IDEC Relays

The highest voltage ratings on IDEC plug-in relays is nominally 240VAC and 110VDC. There is a tolerance of 10%, yielding a maximum of 264VAC and 121VDC. Higher voltages can be switched with either our solid state relays or IEC contactors.

Are there any CE marked latching relays?

No. None of our latching relays have been submitted for IEC approval. At this time there are no plans to have any of the latching relays IEC approved / CE marked.

Does IDEC make any hermetically sealed relays?

No, but a solid state relay may work for some applications.

Does IDEC make any reed relays?

No. Reed relays are often desirable for their fast switching times. You may want to consider a solid state relay for your application.