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Frequently Asked Questions For IDEC SmartRelays

IDEC Corporation 3/19/2018
Frequently Asked Questions For IDEC SmartRelaysCan the number of I/Os be expanded and what's the maximum I/Os configuration?

FL1C IDEC SmartRelay is expandable and a maximum of 24 discrete inputs, 16 discrete outputs and 8 analog Inputs can be used.

Which CPU and expansion module are used for analog input? What is the resolution?

Input I 7 and I 8 of the following IDEC SmartRelay CPUs and analog expansion module can be configured as analog inputs:

CPU: (I7 & I8)
FL1A, B, C series - H12RCE
FL1A, B, C series - B12RCE
FL1A, B, C series - H12SND

Resolution:10 bits (0-1000)
Voltage Input (only): 0-10V
Analog expansion module: FL1B-J2B2
Resolution: 10 bits (0-1000)
Voltage Input: 0-10V
Current Input: 0-20mA

When using the FL1C with expansion modules, which should be powered first? The FL1C base module or expansion I/O modules?

Power should be applied simultaneously to the base module and the expansion modules. However, if this is not possible, then the expansion I/O modules must be powered first.