Frequently Asked Questions For IDEC Timers

IDEC Corporation 3/19/2018
Frequently Asked Questions For IDEC TimersAre there any IDEC timers that run on 6VDC?

No. We only offer timers in 12VDC, 24V AC/DC, and 100-240VAC.

I have a situation that seems to require 3 or 4 timers, what can I do?

Consider using one of IDEC's PLCs or our IDEC Smart Relay. Four timers and sockets cost more than our Micro-1 starter kit and are less flexible. Three timers and sockets cost more than our IDEC Smart Relay starter kit and are less flexible. Consider the amount of time involved in wiring and trouble shooting a timing function that requires more than 2 timers.

What s the difference between the GT3A-(1,2 or 3)A*** & GT3A-(1,2 or 3)EA***?

The number of pins, nothing else (8 vs. 11 pins.). The part numbers with the "E" (aka the "B type" are available only for fitting existing sockets that may already be in use.

What's the difference between the GT3A-(4,5 or 6)A*** and GT3A-(4,5 or 6)EA***?

The -(4,5 or 6)A*** has a start, reset and gate (freeze) all tied into the power of the relay. The -(4,5 or 6)EA*** have only a start and reset; these circuits are not tied to any power (they are dry circuits.) Both have 11 pins. The part numbers with the "E" (aka the "B type") are available only to accommodate light duty limit switches which cannot switch the full voltage (i.e. 120VAC or 240VAC) that is used to power the timer.

What should replace an RTA timer?

RTA series were electro-pneumatic and they have been discontinued. Our new timers use a much more reliable and accurate solid state timing circuit. Specifically, cross the RTA as follows :RTA-SP2N (ON-Delay) can be replaced by GT3A-2..., RTA-SP2F (OFF-Delay) can be replaced by GT3F-2... with the following differences: contacts wired differently and the RTA had an instantaneous contact and a delayed contact, the GT3F-2 only has delayed contacts.

What should replace the RTB series?

For pin types only: the RTE or GT3 series. There is no current IDEC timer that uses the same blade layout at the RTB, although the RTE-B does have a similar type of termination but with a different footprint.

How does the signal switch work on the RTE-*2*?

The switch serves as a signal to the timer only. It must not carry any current or voltage (it is a dry circuit.)

What is the replacement for an RTE-BN, RTE-BI, RTE-BF, or RTE-BS timer?

The RTE-BN and RTE-BI are replaced with the RTE-B1. The RTE-BF and RTE-BS are replaced with the RTE-B2. They are direct replacements which differs only in that the newer models are multi-function (function is selected with a dip switch on the face of the timer). Note that part numbers are incomplete without time range group codes and coil voltages.

What should replace RTM motor driven timers?

They must be crossed on an individual basis. Please know which timing function you need (ON Delay, OFF Delay, Cycle, etc.) If you want a timer that indicates its position in the cycle you probably want a GT3D with a digital display.

What should replace the RTY series?

The GT5Y series uses the same socket and offers multiple time ranges in a single