How Does A Turck Inductive Sensor Work?

TURCK 3/13/2018

How Does A Turck Inductive Sensor Work?Read below for details on inductive sensors and ferrite cores.




Operating Principle Ferrite Core

How Does A Turck Inductive Sensor Work?

An inductive proximity sensor consists of a coil and ferrite core arrangement, an oscillator and detector circuit, and a solid-state output. The oscillator creates a high frequency field radiating from the coil in front of the sensor, centered around the axis of the coil. The ferrite core bundles and directs the electro-magnetic field to the front.

When a metal object enters the high-frequency field, eddy currents are induced on the surface of the target. This results in a loss of energy in the oscillator circuit and, consequently, a smaller amplitude of oscillation. The detector circuit recognizes a specific change in amplitude and generates a signal which will turn the solid-state output “ON” or “OFF”. When the metal object leaves the sensing area, the oscillator regenerates, allowing the sensor to return to its normal state.