Weidmuller FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions For Weidmuller Remote I/O Systems

Weidmuller 3/20/2018
Frequently Asked Questions For Weidmuller Remote I/O SystemsWhere can I find approvals of the u-remote system?
A copy of the EC Declaration of Conformity is provided in the manual's annex. Further approvals can be found on the download area of the Weidmuller website.

Do I need specific tools for wiring a u-remote station?
Due to the rectangular shape of the intake of an u-remote connector PG1.5 wire-end ferrules with common trapezoidal crimp profile (e.g. done with "PZ 6 Roto") are only usable till 1.0 mm², above that they are rather hard to push in. Hence we recommend tools that offer a crimping profile close to a rectangle such as “PZ 6/5 ZERT” (Order No. 9017900000) or “PZ 1.5 ZERT” (Order No. 9017310000).Working with HD connectors (PG0.35) we recommend the “multi-stripax 6-16” (Order No. 9202210000) along with the pressing tool “PWZ-UR20-HD” (Order No. 1525820000).

Which browsers are compatible to the u-remote web server?
The web server can be used with the following browsers:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or higher
Opera 10.61 or higher
Google Chrome 9.0 or higher

Is the web server also accessible via Ethernet?
By default the web server is accessible via USB port. Access over Ehternet is possible after the IP setting has been changed on the web server.Be aware that the web server is not designed for multiple interface access. So if you have enabled web server access over Ethernet, please disconnect the USB cable before establishing an Ethernet connection to the web server.

Why is the u-remote firmware version not shown in the hardware configuration tool?
Change from offline to online mode in the hardware configuration tool and open the properties. The hardware version as well as the firmware version will be shown there.

How many attemps are allowed to login to the fieldbus coupler?
There is no limit in login attempts.

Is there any user administration provided on the fieldbus coupler?
Currently there are no user profiles available. Merely one user name and password can be defined. 

How can I reset the coupler configuration to factory settings?
You can reset the configuration via the web server:Open the coupler`s status window an click on "factory settings".Be aware that all configuration data including username and password will be reset. Moreover PROFINET couplers can only be reconnected to the PLC after a device name has been defined.

Why does a PROFINET coupler not connect to the PLC after reset to factory settings?
Whereas a brand new PROFINET coupler is ready to establish a connection to a PLC without any additional parameter setup, this does not work after a reset to factory settings. This is due to ProfiNet standards which define that on a reset to factory settings the device name has to be deleted. Hence after each reset you have to rename the fieldbus coupler before it can be reconnected.

How can I set the IP address of a Modbus-TCP coupler?
The UR20-FBC-MOD-TCP coupler comes with the default setup of a static IP address The IP settings can only be edited via the web server. Once accessed you can change the IP address and the IP handling from static to DHCP or BootP.When changing the IP address make sure that the coupler's IP address is in a different subnet than the IP of the USB port, regardless which type of IP handling is set. When using a static IP address it is necessary to set a gateway IP in the same subnet.

U-remote maps all I/O addresses automatically. What happens if the first module does not respond?
On boot every u-remote coupler type loads all attached module IDs and stores them in a list. The I/O mapping is processed according to this list. If a module gets unplugged or fails while in operation the address map would not change until the coupler restarts. If the alarm setup of coupler and PLC allows to continue data exchange, all remaining modules can be accessed with the same addresses as before.If a coupler gets rebooted after a module unplug or module failure the actual module ID list would be without the missing module and therefore would not match the hardware configuration stored in the PLC. The station would not get into run or operational, MODBUS-TCP aside. With MODBUS-TCP there is no hardware configuration stored on the PLC by default. If required you can load a reference list of module IDs from the PLC into the MODBUS-TCP coupler and have it compared with the actual list. If there is a mismatch, the coupler sends a diagnosis and refuses or stops process data exchange.

How can I recognize the u-remote station being in force mode?
All u-remote fieldbus couplers have the "SF" LED flashing red during force mode, modules have no means of displaying force mode.If diagnoses are enabled, both PROFIBUS and PROFINET coupler will send a type 0x000A diagnosis ('simulation active'). Both Modbus and EtherCAT coupler will have bit 0 and 10 of the status word set (or just bit 10 with diagnoses disabled).

How can I resolve problems with USB drivers using STEP7 on Windows XP (32-bit)?
Proceed as follows:
1. Open the network centre and therein the adapter settings.
2. Choose the (USB) interface.
3. Push the button "properties".
4. Disable the items "SIMATIC Industrial Ethernet (ISO)" and "PROFINET IO RT-Protocol V2.0".
This bug doesn't influence the web server access!

How many operations can be switched by a relay output module UR20-RO-CO-255?
Resistive load:  30000 at 250 V AC, 6A, 85 °C
Inductive load AC 15: 20000 at 250 V AC, 3A, 25 °C
Inductive load DC 13: 6000 at 24 V DC, 2A, 25°C