10284BPHJ Fairchild Model 10BP Precision Back Pressure Regulator

$369.16 / Each
  • Product Type: Back Pressure Regulator
  • Accuracy: 0.10 psi
  • Ambient Temperature: -40 F (-40 C) to 200 F (93.3 C)
  • Base Model: 10284BP
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Elastomer: Viton
  • Flow Capacity: 40 SCFM
  • Operator: Knob (standard) 1-7/8 in OD
  • Options: [H] BSPP (parallel) [J] Viton elastomers
  • Pipe Size: 1/2 BSPP
  • Pressure Range: 5-300 psi
  • Sensitivity: Less than 1/8 in WC
  • Supply Pressure: 500 psi
  • Trim: Zinc Plated Steel Brass
  • Refine Search: Industrial
Fairchild Model 10BP Precision Back Pressure Regulator, 5-300 psi adjust, 500 psi [35 BAR] supply, 40 SCFM [68m3/Hr]@100 psi supply, 1/2 BSPP line, 1/4 BSPT gauge, Viton.

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Product Description

The Rotork Fairchild Model 10BP Regulator is an excellent choice for applications which require high precision control of back pressures and relief pressures. The Model 10BP uses a force balance principle to open the relief valve and vent the system pressure when the set point is exceeded. The Model 10BP features control sensitivity of 1/8 in water column and a balanced supply valve to deliver consistent and reliable precision accuracy to maintain your desired set point regardless of supply pressure changes or conditions. The Model 10BP pneumatic regulator is a high capacity regulator that provides greater accuracy than relief valves over a narrow pressure range, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of precision applications. The Fairchild Model 10BP will handle a 500 psig [34 BAR] maximum system pressure and offers nine (9) setpoint pressure ranges from 0-2 psig [0-0.15 BAR] (0-15 kPa) up to 5-400 psig [0.3-28 BAR] (35-2800 kPa). The Fairchild Model 10BP back pressure regulator offers 40 SCFM, 68m3/Hr flow capacity.

  • Highest accuracy pressure regulator available
  • Provides a highly responsive unit for control or relieving applications
  • Eliminates hunting and buzzing
  • Compensates for any pressure droop under flow conditions
  • Allows servicing with Model 10BP Service Kit without removal from the line
  • Easy installation and maintenance
NOTES: Oil free air must be applied to the regulator. Use a filter to remove dirt and entrained liquid in the air line ahead of the regulator. If an air line lubricator is used, it MUST be located downstream of the regulator, to avoid interference with regulator performance.

Dimension Drawing

fairchild model 10bp precision back pressure regulator 10284bphj