Model 1000 Precision Pressure Regulator w/Zero Bleed

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Fairchild Model 1000 Precision Pressure Regulator w/zero bleed, 0-150 psig outlet press. range, 250 psig max. inlet, 1/4" NPT conn., zinc body
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The Fairchild Model 1000 pressure regulator is designed for use in systems requiring both precision control and high forward flow and exhaust capacity. The sensitive valve motor of this high quality unit makes it virtually immune to supply pressure variations; and its no-bleed design minimizes consumption of air or inert gas. The high flow capacity and good sensitivity makes the Model 1000 ideal for control applications such as loading of control valve and calendar roll actuators, operation of clutch and braking devices, and winding operations.

  • Supply pressure ranges from 0-10 psig to 0-150 psig
  • High flow control sensitivity of 1/2" water column
  • No-bleed design minimizes air or gas consumption
  • Aspirator tube compensates downstream pressure droop