125CH47A3X-1049 Watlow Cable/Coil Heater

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  • Product Type: Cable/Coil Heater
  • Cable Length: 47 in.
  • Diameter: 1/8 in.
  • Voltage: 120V

125CH47A3X-1049 Watlow Cable/Coil Heater, 0.125 in. diameter, 47 in. cable length, 375W, 120V

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Product Description

The versatile Watlow coil/cable heatercan be formed into a variety of shapes. Small diameter, high performing cable heaters are fully annealed and readily bent to a multitude of configurations. The heater can be formed into a compact, coiled nozzle heater supplying a full 360 degrees of heat with optional distributed wattage. A straight cable heater can snake through an equipment application. Flat, spiral configurations can be used in high-tech manufacturing while a star wound cable can be used for air and gas heating. Different applications require different construction methods, including one, two or four resistance wires; parallel coil or straight wire; drawn or swaged sheaths; with or without internal thermocouples; leads exiting from one or both ends, and round, rectangular or square cable cross sectionals. Whatever the application requirement, a Watlow coil/cable heater can be shaped to fit.

  • High ductility
  • Low mass
  • Constructed with no open seams
  • Constructed of standard 304 stainless steel, optional 316 stainless steel or Alloy 600
  • Heater sheath can be brazed
  • Sizes range from 0.040 in. (1.02 mm) to 0.188 in. (4.8 mm) diameter
  • Internal construction options