Pipe Fittings 219P Countersunk Hex-Head Plug

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Parker Pipe Fittings 219P Countersunk Hex-head Plug, Low Pressure Fitting Pipe Plug, 1/8in, Countersunk Head, 1000, Brass.
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Pipe Fittings
All pipe fitting threads are made to Dryseal standards. Connectors, unions, nuts and extruded elbows and tees are machined from CA 360 or CA 345 brass rod; forged elbows and tees are machined from CA 377 brass.

Meets functional requirements of the SAE J530, and SAE J531.

Use with brass, copper, or iron pipe.Manufactured for low and medium pressure line connection work.

Working Pressure and Temperature Ranges
From -65°F to 250°F at 1000 PSI. Vibration Fair resistance to vibration and pipe movement depending upon conditions.