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Lincoln Industrial Quick Clamp, Modular Air Line Equipment Accessories--Quick Clamp, Use with Modular Air Line Components to provide modular installation capability. Flanges on the products slide into V" grooves in the quick clamp. Two face-sealing O-rings in the quick clamp provide an air tight connection when the clamp is closed.
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Lincoln Fittings, Adapters and Accessories consists of common threaded, thread-forming, drive-type, stainless steel, pressure relief, standard button head, and vent fittings.

  • Ball check in the head of the fitting prevents dirt and grit from getting into the bearing
  • Fittings can be wiped clean without forcing foreign material into the fitting and the bearing
  • Fitting head provides a natural ball and socket joint between the fitting head and any commercial hydraulic coupler for a wide angularity of contact, and a tight metal-to-metal seal
  • Internal spring on the fittings is tempered with music wire, coiled so that it cannot be compressed to restrict the flow of heavy lubricants, or forced out of the body under normal pressures
  • Specially formed lip at the fitting base that locks the spring and ball securely in place

Hard-to-reach lubrication fittings present a major maintenance problem for the proper care of all types of machinery. Hidden or guarded lubrication fittings can lead to production downtime, higher operating and maintenance costs and the risk of personal injury to operators and employees—all directly traceable to poor lubrication fitting access.

  • Easy access to lubrication fittings
  • Easier, quicker and safer lubrication
  • Assures that all bearings are lubricated
  • Bearings can be safely lubricated while machine is operating
  • Reaches hidden, inaccessible or hazardous bearings