3005-N Sentrol Recessed Roller Plunger

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  • Product Type: Plunger
3005-N Sentrol 3005 Series Recessed Roller Plunger, UL listed, -40 to 150 F temp range, flame retardant ABS plastic, 100V op voltage, 0.5A, 7.5VA/W, normally open, includes spacer/mounting screws white #22 1 ft wire lead, flanges for positive retention.

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Product Description

3005-N The 3005/3008 Series roller plunger contacts save installation time while providing reliable magnetic contact security. The contact switch is activated when the door opens, releasing the tension on the wheel plunger. Drill only one hole to mount the 3005 roller plunger—the entire magnetic contact is housed in an economical single unit. Recessed mounting hides the contact within the frame of the door it protects. The roller plunger wheel is designed to operate with a smaller surface area in contact with the door. This reduces the likelihood that dirt and other debris will clog the mechanism. The specially designed ABS plastic housing protects the roller wheel from pressure exerted by swelling wood that could cause ball plungers to jam in place. Used to protect a variety of doors and windows. Can also be used to protect high-value objects on display, such as antiques, rare books or works of art, by placing the object on the recessed contact.

  • Benefits of both plunger and ball contact
  • Works on all doors, including steel doors
  • Reduces installation time—drill only one hole