Model 30 Midget Pressure Regulator

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Fairchild Model 30 Midget Pressure Regulator, 0-100 psig outlet press. range, 250 psig max. inlet, 1/4" NPT conn., aluminum body
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The Fairchild Model 30 is a compact pressure regulator designed for systems that require precision pressure control, and features a control sensitivity of 1/4" water column. A pressure balanced supply valve prevents supply pressure changes from affecting the setpoint; and a separate control chamber isolates the diaphragm from the main flow to eliminate hunting and buzzing.

  • Supply pressure ranges from 0-2 psig to 0-100 psig
  • Control sensitivity of 1/4" water column
  • Aluminum body and housing
  • Aspirator tube compensates downstream pressure droop
  • Can be serviced without removal from line