1601E 1/16 DIN Temperature Controller

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Chromalox 1601E 1/16 DIN Temperature Controller, heat/cool control, single loop, 2 outputs, remote configuration capability, single 4-digit display
  • Product Description
The 1601 Controller is an economical single display 1/16 DIN with the control features of a sophisticated Auto-tuning PID controller. The SSR drive control output provides accurate control when used wih the Chromalox 4115, 4001, or 4003 Solid State Power Controllers. Also available is a 3 amp relay control output. All controllers come with a flexible Alarm relay output.


  • Soft Start limits the output on startup to minimize overshoot and distribute heat more evenly in the product.
  • Smart Tuning during start up and in process
  • Plug in design

  • Rubber production, polymerization and synthetic fiber plants
  • Packaging and packing equipment
  • Fermentation equipment, reactors for chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Food industries
  • Environmental chambers and refrigeration