Bosch T-Block ZN ST 10mm M8

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Bosch Aluminum Structural Framing, Fasteners, 10mm slide-in T-Block with M8 thread, Zinc-plated grade 8 steel, 25 Nm (18.43 lbf ft) +/- 5 pct tightening torque. Use 10mm Spring (3842516669) for vertical applications.
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  • Slide into ends of T-slot
  • Used to fasten heavy loads to T-slotted profiles; seven-thread engagement for strong, secure mounting
  • Large contact surface with inside of profile's T-slot provides secure fastening
  • Can be easily repositioned in T-slot
  • Spring can be used on any 6mm, 8mm, or heavy (H-series) 10mm T-slot to hold T-block in place while making vertical connections

  • 6mm: stainless steel
  • 8mm & 10mm: zinc-plated steel
  • Spring: spring steel