41-070 Parker Balston Differential Pressure Indicator

$156.45 / Each
  • Product Type: Indicator

Parker Balston Model 41-070. The Balston Differential Pressure Indicator (DPI) is used to monitor the pressure drop across the filters or other components in a compressed air system. The DPI is sensitive in the range of 0 to 5 psi differential.

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  • Gauge Calibration Services
  • Gauge seal assembly and mounting
  • Diaphragm seal assembly and maintenance
  • Gauge liquid filling with various types of fills
  • Custom dial pressure measurement ranges
  • Gauge audits to insure proper functions
  • Vacuum gauge calibration and repair

Product Description

Parker Balston offers everything you need for complete filtration and to keep your system performing efficiently and cost-effectively.

Balston Filter Accessories include:

  • Differential Pressure Indicators (DPI)
  • Drain Assemblies
  • Filter-Regulator Combinations
  • Mist Lubricators
  • Regulators

Dimension Drawing