935 Diaphragm Valve

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Parker Veriflo 935 Diaphragm Valve, 3/4" Tube Stub Connections, No purge port locations, 316L SST Spin Hand Wheel Operated, Part Number: 43700471.
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Parker Hannifin Corporation's Veriflo Division presents the 935 Series 1/2" valve. The 935 provides superior control of gases and liquids under high flow, low pressure conditions where absolute purity is essential. The 935 is a "positive retraction" diaphragm valve -- an engineered feature which has reduced the surface area and entrapment potential inherent in bellows valves.

There are no springs or retaining clips in the gas stream. This pure design yields a valve with neither entrapment zones nor particle generating surfaces. The body of the 935 valve is machined from Vericlean", Veriflo's low sulfur 316L Stainless Steel™. This proprietary alloy has a higher level of corrosion resistance than either cast or forged metals and provides maximum system integrity and superior surface finishes with enhanced electropolishing. A 10 micro inch Ra or less (.25 micro meter) finish is standard on the 935 and a 5 micro inch or less Ra, (.13 micron) finish is available as an option.

The heart of the 935 is the diaphragm assembly, to which a seal carrier has been laser-welded. The diaphragm creates a metal-to-metal seal to the body, the only seal to atmosphere other than the port connection. The seal carrier is connected to the knob stem for positive retraction. The domed diaphragm design allows for maximum stroke while maintaining low stress on the diaphragm weld area.


  • "Vericlean", Veriflo's low sulfur high purity 316L material which enhances electropolishing, welding, and corrosion resistance.
  • Internally threadless and springless.
  • Fully functional from a vacuum to 300 psig (20.7 barg).
  • Aerodynamic, fully swept flow passages.
  • Minimum particle generation and particle entrapment areas.
  • 100% Helium leak tested.
  • "Hurricane" cleaning, Veriflo's standard proprietary cleaning process, removes metallic ions, organic films and surface adhering particles.