Omron CJ1 Series PLC CPU Module 160 I/O Points 5K Step Program 32K Words

$950.00 / EA
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  • Manufacturer: Omron
  • Product Family: CJ Series
  • I/O capacity: 160 points
  • Mountable Units: 10 units (no expansion rack)
  • Program Capacity: 5K steps
  • Product Type: CPU Unit
Omron Electronics CJ1 Series Micro Programmable Logic Controller CPU Module, 5K steps program capacity, 160 I/O points & 10 units max: no expansion rack, 32K words, standards: UC1, CE, N, L, stored program, version 4.0

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Product Description




  • Compact 90 * 65 mm (H * D) dimensions are first class in the industry.
  • Provides excellent high-speed control performance, with high-speed processing of 0.1 μs for LD instructions and 13.3 μs for floating-point calculations.
  • Other models are available with special functions such as the CJ1M-CPU2_, which provides positioning functions and built-in I/O, and theCJ1G-CPU4_P.
  • High-capacity Memory Cards up to 128 MB can be installed, and used to backup the program and system settings, or log customer data.
  • The large instruction set can support diverse applications. Four types of programming are supported (ladder, structured text, sequential function charts, and instruction lists), with approximately 400 instructions and 800 instruction variations.
  • These CJ-series CPU Units support structured programming using function blocks, which can improve the customer's program development resources.
  • The various protection functions provide improved security to protect valuable software resources and property.
  • The CPU Units are compatible with the CX-One Integrated Tool Package. Information for each component can be linked, and the system's data can be integrated into one database. The software can provide total support from PLC settings to network startup.

Dimension Drawing

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