CJ1W-ID211 Omron CJ1 Series PLC Digital Input Module 16-Point 7 mA 24/DC

$270.00 / EA
  • Product Type: Basic I/O Unit
  • Manufacturers: Omron
  • Product Family: CJ Series
  • Input Voltage: 24 VDC
  • No. of Words Allocated: 1 word
  • External Connection: Removable block
  • Input Current: 7 mA
  • No. of I/O points: 16 inputs
Omron Electronics CJ1 Series Programmable Logic Controller Basic I/O Unit, digital input module, 16-point, 18-point detachable terminal block (M3) connection, 7 mA @ 24/DC

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Product Description

CJ-series Input Units

  • High-speed input models are available, meeting versatile applications.
      ON Response Time: 15μs, OFF Response Time: 90μs
  • Use 24-VDC, 100-VAC, and 200-VAC models to connect to devices with different types of outputs.
  • The 24-VDC models can be connected to devices with either NPN or PNP outputs. There is no need to select the polarity. *1
  • A digital filter in the Unit can be set from 0 to 32 ms to reduce the influence of external noise.
  • Either a Fujitsu or MIL connector interface can be used. *2
  • Several models of Terminal Block Conversion Units are available, making it easy to connect to external devices.

*1. The same polarity is used for the same common.
*2. For models with 32 or 64 inputs.

Dimension Drawing

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