E00002-CONTINUOUS Walchem Electronic Metering Pump Tubing

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  • Product Type: Pump Tubing
  • Applicable Standard: ANAB, ISO 9001
  • Color: Natural
  • Inside Diameter: 1/4 in.
  • Material: Linear Low Density Polyethylene Plastic
  • Outside Diameter: 3/8 in.

Walchem Electronic Metering Pump Tubing, 1/4" x 3/8", Natural, Linear Low Density Polyethylene Plastic, Electronic Metering Pump Tubing.

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Product Description

Electronic Metering Pump Tubing; Outside Diameter 3/8 Inch; Inside Diameter 1/4 Inch; Material Linear Low Density Polyethylene Plastic; Color Natural; Applicable Standard ANAB, ISO 9001; Melt Index 0.69 Gram per 10 Minute; Density 0.9216 Gram/Cubic Centimeter; Tensile Yield 1380 PSI; Tensile Strength 3160 PSI; Tensile Elongation 780 Percent; Flexural Module 48.2 PSI; Flexural Strength 1890 PSI; Used On EW/EK Series B11/B16/B21/C11/C16/C21 PC/PE/VC/VE/VF/TC/FC/SH Liquid End Electronic Metering Pump