EG4B Edwards Signaling Surface Mount Box, White

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  • Weight: 0.15 lb
  • Product Type: Box
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EG4B Edwards Signaling Genesis Series Surface Mount Box for Genesis Speaker/Strobe, white finish.

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Product Description

EG4B The Genesis line of speakers and strobes are audible-visible emergency signaling devices. Protruding no more than one inch from the wall, Genesis speakers and speaker-strobes feature textured housings in white or red. Genesis strobes are designed to channel and condition light to produce a highly controllable distribution pattern.

Speaker-strobes feature selectable candela output with a switch located on the bottom of the device. The candela setting is visible even after the device is installed.

All Genesis speakers include a DC blocking capacitor to allow electrical supervision of the audio distribution circuit. The speaker has a sealed back construction for extra durability and improved audibility.

The strobes are designed to flash at the same rate (synchronize) when used with a compatible sychronization source, such as the EG1M-RM synchronization module, E-FSC and E-FSA fire panels, and EBPS series booster supplies.

  • Xenon light source
  • Clear lens
  • White or red housing
  • Low profile design
  • Field selectable candela output via switch
  • 1/4, 1/2, 1, and 2 watt selections via switch
  • Up to 99dB @ 1m/89dB @ 10ft. output
  • DC blocking capacitor for audio circuit supervision
  • Fits all standard 4" square electrical boxes - no extension ring or trim plate required
  • Operating temperature range