FT-8 Fit-LINE Flaring Tool

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  • Product Type: Flaring Tool
  • Tool Type: Flaring Tool

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Product Description

Precise Assembly

Fit-LINE's TruFLARE™ replicates the close tolerances consistent with FitLINE'S patented TightFLARE™ technology.

Our patented TruFLARE™ tube flaring system is designed for precise and repeatable tube flares, making fitting assemblies easier and more cost effective for standard size fluoropolymer tubing ¼" through 1".

Application and installation usage has proved TruFLARE™ tube flaring technology to be far superior to any other existing tube flaring technology in use.

New Tru-FLARE Mobile Unit
  • Portable hot flaring
  • Fast start-up time
  • Range of sizes ¼" thru 1 ½" & 40mm
  • Plug in and Flare on the go

Dimension Drawing