Model Go-No-Go Monitor Element

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PECOFacet Model Go-No-Go Monitor Element, 3-1/2 in ID x 6 in OD x 14-1/2 in len, 25 micron, outside to in flow, Buna-N, anti-static urethane plastisol ends with epoxy adhesives.
  • Product Description
PECOFacet’s Go-No-Go (GNG) absorptive cartridges perform two jobs with one cartridge. It absorbs water and removes solids reliably and efficiently.

As the product stream flows from the outside of the cartridge to the inside, the GNG special water absorbent medium retains water, and the pleats expand. As the maximum water holding capacity is reached, there is a reduction in flow. The cartridge slows, then stops the flow of product as it reaches maximum capacity. This indicates that the cartridge is ready to be changed, assuring you clean, dry product.

Standard Design Features
  • Absorbs highly emulsified water to less than 5 ppm
  • Provides positive shut-off; increased differential pressure signals cartridge change-out
  • Holds larger amounts of water than competition
  • Ultra fine particulate removal efficiencies
  • High collapse rating of cartridges
  • Quick, easy cartridge change-out
  • Easy housing installation