Mott GasShield High Purity IGS Modular Mount Flow Restrictor

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Mott GasShield High Purity IGS Modular Mount Flow Restrictor, Spool Piece, Standard 1.125 in squared C-Seal, flowing 1000 SCCM of Silane at 10 psi upstream, standard 2 port configuration, with the Side Port as the Inlet Port
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Porous metal restrictors for 1.125" surface mount applications. Mott Corporation supports the 1.125" and 1.5" high-flow C-Seal configuration of integrated gas systems with a full line of porous metal flow restrictors. These products use the same sealing specifications as described in SEMI PR 3.1 and provide the same high-quality flow restriction presently available in our 5140 series restrictors with traditional face seal design. All GSMR restrictor products are assembled and tested in a class 100 clean room environment. For W-Seal configurations, consult factory for specifications.