HFR900W High Flow Instrument Regulator

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Parker Veriflo HFR900W High Flow Instrument Regulator, 3 ports, 316L SS body, 500 psig max. inlet press., 150 psig max. outlet press., non-tied 316L SS diaphragm, 0-200 psig outlet gauge, no inlet gauge, welded connections, Viton seal, 3P port config: 1/2" double ferrule (compression) tube ftg. all ports
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The Parker Veriflo HFR900W Series pressure regulator was designed for the control of high purity, corrosive, toxic, flammable and inert gases at high flow rate and low pressure. Connections are welded to the regulator body by autogenous butt welding to eliminate small cavities that could create long-term "virtual leaks", effecting gas purity.

  • Connections welded to the regulator body by autogenous butt welding
  • Low sulfur, high purity 316L SS wetted materials
  • Designed to withstand an internal vacuum without distortion of diaphragm or deterioration of seat and seal
  • Low leakage rates eliminate back diffusion of atmospheric contamination into the system