I Coalescer Cartridge

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Parker Velcon I Coalescer Cartridge, qualified to EI 1581 5th Edition, inside to out flow, 6 OD x 33 in, 0.4 micron, threaded base, endcap with bolt, Buna-N.
  • Product Description
Coalescer cartridges are employed as the first stage in filter/separator vessels for hydrocarbon fluids. They perform two functions: (1) coalesce (combine) highly dispersed, emulsified water particles into larger water drops and (2) filter-out particulatecontaminants.
  • Cost effective particle and emulsified water removal from hydrocarbon fluids
  • Easy installation and replacement with one-piece design
  • Choice of Threaded Base or Open End cartridges
  • Choice of All-Fiberglass Media or Combination Fiberglass and Pleated Media
  • Field proven performance
  • Ongoing qualification testing to meet changing commercial and military requirements