Parker Tube

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Parker Autoclave Tube, Medium Pressure Tubing, 316 SS, 9/16 in, 0.359 in ID, 0.101 in wall thickness, fits connection type QS562, 15000 psig max.
  • Product Description
Medium Pressure Tubing
    Parker Autoclave Engineers offers a complete selection of austenetic, cold drawn stainless steel tubing designed to match the performance standards of Parker Autoclave valves and fittings. Parker Autoclave Engineers medium pressure tubing is manufactured specifically for high pressure applications requiring both strength and corrosion resistance. The tubing is furnished in random lengths between 20 feet (6 meters) and 26.5 feet (8.0 meters). The average is 24 feet (7.3 meters). Medium Pressure Tubing is available in six sizes and a variety of materials.
Inspection and Testing
    Parker Autoclave Engineers' medium pressure tubing is inspected to assure freedom from seams, laps, fissures or other flaws, as well as carburization or intergranular carbide precipitation. The outside and inside diameters of the tubing are subject to special inspection and are controlled within close tolerences to assure proper fit. Sample pieces of tube for each lot are tested to confirm mechanical properties.