AC Servo Drives

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Omron Electronics, R88D-KT G5-Series, AC Servo Drives with General-purpose Pulse Train or Analog Inputs, three-phase 400 VAC, 1.5kW applicable servomotor capacity, 4.6 A rms continuous output, 0.9 KVA input power supply, built-into panel
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G5-series AC Servomotors/Servo Drives with General-purpose Pulse Train or Analog Inputs

The Preeminent Servo That Revolutionizes Motion Control
  • Industry Top-class Tracking Performance. Speed Response Frequency of 2 kHz.
  • Best Positioning Accuracy*. Featuring a 20-bit high-resolution incremental encoder. * 8 times the resolution of previous OMRON models
  • High-precision Positioning. Fully Closed Loop Control Is a Standard Feature.
  • Conforms to the Latest International Standards. Safety and Productivity.
  • Globalization. Lineup of 400 VAC Servomotors