RCN3510S Watlow Double-Ended Heater

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  • Product Type: Double-Ended Heater
  • Diameter: 0.430 in.
  • Voltage: 240V

RCN3510S Watlow Double-Ended Heater, 0.430 in diameter, 240 V, 1200 W

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Product Description

FIREBAR heating elements provide added heating performance over standard round tubular heating elements—especially for immersion applications in petroleum-based liquids requiring high kilowatts. The FIREBAR's unique flat surface geometry packs more power in shorter elements and assemblies, along with a host of other performance improvements. FINBAR is a special version of the one inch, single-ended FIREBAR. FINBAR is specially modified with fins to further increase surface area for air and gas heating applications.

  • 70 percent greater surface area per linear inch compared to a 0.430 in. (11 mm) diameter round tubular heater
  • Compacted MgO insulation maximizes thermal conductivity and dielectric strength
  • Precision wound nickel-chromium resistance wires
  • 0.040 in. (1 mm) thick MgO walls transfer heat more efficiently
  • Three resistance coil design readily adapts to a variety of electrical sources and wattages outputs