Watlow Controller

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  • Product Type: Temperature Controller
  • Manufacturer: Watlow
RMC3F1UAAAAAAAA Watlow Controller, RMA configured, CD support tools included

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  • Heat loss calculations
  • Thermal loss calculations
  • Process heater and control panel startup
  • Heat system commissioning and startup
  • On-site support

Product Description

By combining advances in fluorescent temperature sensing with the power of the proven EZ-ZONE RM control system, Watlow developed a best-in-class fiber optic temperature measurement and control system that will provide industry-leading performance for your specific application. By integrating fiber optic sensing capabilities into the EZ-ZONE RM control system, users will save space, improve performance with faster response times while simplifying their control system. Watlow's EZ-ZONE RMZ and EZ-ZONE RMF controllers make the system adaptable to all system requirements. Both are compatible with all other modules within the EZ-ZONE RM family and self-discover all existing modules within the system making a seamless integration into your temperature control/logic system.

  • Compact integrated fiber optic sensing with temperature control
  • Easily expands to increase number of zones as your system needs increase
  • Integrates seamlessly with the temperature control system avoiding additional analog signal processing
  • Faster temperature sampling rates with high resolution
  • Minimizes installed footprint due to the small form factor and DIN-rail mounting
  • Highly accurate fluorescent signal processing electronics
  • Offers highly reliable LED light source designed to run at low currents for maximum life
  • Up to 48 loops of input and control with all EZ-ZONE RM temperature control features