SQ420E Series 4 Port Regulator

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Parker Veriflo SQ420E Series 4 Port Regulator, 316L VAR SS, PCTFE seat, adj 0-30 psig, 1/2 face seals; (P1-HP female in, P2-HP male 0-200 psi gauge, P3-LP male 0-60 psi gauge, P4-LP male out), 375 psig proof.
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The Parker Veriflo SQ420E Series is a high performance, high purity, point-of-use pressure regulator for modern semiconductor processing. Precise control of the gas discharge pressure at or near the tool served makes possible stable process control by a mass flow controller.
  • Tied diaphragm for added safety
  • Capable of operating at a wide range of flows from 0.5 cc/min to more than 800 liter/min
  • Compatible with the high flow of corrosive gases
  • No wetted spring
  • No threads exposed to the wetted area