Omron TL4019 Safety Interlock Switch, Power to Lock w/o door contact

$310.00 / EA
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  • Manufacturer: Omron
  • Product Family: TL4019 Series
  • Product Type: Interlock Switch
Omron Electronics, TL4019 Series, Safety Interlock Switch, Power to Lock w/o door contact, flex 1 actuator, 24 VAC/DC, 2 NC safety contact + 2 NO auxiliary contact, 24 VAC/DC or 110 VAC, 8 W, any position mounting, IP67 NEMA 6

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Product Description

Safety Interlock Switch with Guard Door Locking
  • High locking force of 1,200 N (270 lb.) locks guard door shut until machine is safe to enter
  • IP67 (NEMA 6) enclosure enables the TL4019 to withstand water washdown
  • Door and lock monitoring-the TL4019 has a total of 4 contacts: 2 N/C safety + 1contact for door position monitoring + 1 contact for lock monitoring
  • Rear manual release-allows unlocking of switch from inside of guarded area per ANSI/RIA R15.06
  • Narrow profile enables mounting to 2 in. square tubing or in applications with space restrictions
  • Rotatable head-the rotatable head of the TL4019 provides 8 actuator entry positions to satisfy most installation requirements
  • Optional key release-this option on power-to-unlock models allows manual unlocking of the guard door
  • Optional slide bolt with integral door handle aids installation on sliding and swinging guard doors

Dimension Drawing

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