VAC100 Vacuum Generator

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Parker Veriflo VAC100 Vacuum Generator, High Purity, Stainless Steel, 1/4in Face Seal Male connections. Part Number: 45900336.
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The VAC100 vacuum generator has been designed to be used in conjunction with purge systems. The vacuum is generated by flowing an inert gas thru the valve body. The gas flow creates a vacuum as it passes thru a venturi. The vacuum created is dependent upon the pressure and flow of the gas across the vacuum port.


  • The vacuum generated is a function of the pressure of the purge gas which flows through the generator.
  • Vacuum generator will improve the effectiveness of cycle purging.
  • The VAC100 will increase the efficiency of the dilution process in purge systems, when the vacuum port of the VAC100 is connected to the outlet of the vent valve.