VB2-FSM 4.4/2FKM 4.4/S651 TURCK M12 eurofast VB2 2-Branch Splitter

VB2-FSM 4.4/2FKM 4.4/S651
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  • Product Type: Y Single
  • Product Family: eurofast
  • Body Material: TPU
  • End 1 Size: M12
  • End 1 Type: Male
  • End 2 Size: M12
  • End 2 Type: Female
  • End 3 Size: M12
  • End 3 Type: Female
  • Pin Type: 4-pin
VB2-FSM 4.4/2FKM 4.4/S651 TURCK M12 eurofast VB2 Splitters, 2-Branch Splitter, male connector, 2 female connectors, M12, parallel, 4 HomeRun wires, 4 branch wires, TPU, 4-conductor, can use on photoelectric controls, power distribution, dual-input control applications.

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Product Description

VB2-FSM 4.4/2FKM 4.4/S651 Consolidate signals from two to four sources to a single cable.