VES-HMRS18B250-0900-SV Parker Electromechanical HMRS Series Electric Linear Actuators, 900 mm, 25mm Ballscrew, Servo

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  • Product Type: Electric Linear Actuators
  • Product Family: HMRS Series
  • Form Factor: Rodless
  • Stroke: 900 mm
  • Repeatability: +/-20 micron
  • Peak Speed: 694 mm/s
  • Normal Load: 1651kg
  • Axial Force: 4800 N
  • Frame Size: 180 mm
  • Drive Train: Ball Screw
  • Feed Constant: 25 mm Ballscrew
  • Motor: Servo
  • Customizability: High
  • Availability: Short (2-5 weeks)
  • Price: $$
Parker Electromechanical HMRS Series Electric Linear Actuators, 900 mm, 25mm Ballscrew, Servo motor, ball bearing guide, Basic profile, no outer cover, 1651 kg normal load, +/-20 microns repeatability, 694mm/s peak speed. Customizable and many options to select from: carriages, sensors, environmental ratings, motor direction, etc. Motor will limit the actuator's performance depending upon the application. Sizing calculations need to be performed to ensure performance.

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Product Description

Parker Hannifin's High Moment Rodless linear actuator series is one of the most user friendly and versatile actuator lines on the market today. With 5 different frame sizes, 2 different drive train options, multiple mounting and carriage options, and an IP54 protective cover option, along with a multitude of other customizable features the HMR was truly designed with flexibility in mind.

Dimension Drawing

parker hmrs series dimensions


How Do I Size and Select Electric Linear Actuators

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