IAI Intelligent Actuator RCP6 Series Electric Linear Actuators, 150 mm, 16 mm Ballscrew, Stepper w/ encoder

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  • Product Type: Electric Linear Actuators
  • Manufacturer: Intelligent Actuator
  • Customizability: Low
  • Price: $$
  • Availability: Medium (4-8 weeks)
  • Feed Constant: 16 mm Ballscrew
  • Stroke: 150 mm
  • Repeatability: +/-10 micron
  • Frame Size: 40 mm
  • Axial Force: 75 N
  • Drive Train: Ball Screw
  • Form Factor: Rod-style
  • Motor: Stepper w/Encoder
  • Product Family: RCP6 Series
  • Peak Speed: 840 mm/s
IAI Intelligent Actuator RCP6 Series Electric Linear Actuators, 150 mm, 16 mm Ballscrew, Stepper w/ encoder, controller included, +/-10 micron repeatability, 840 mm/s peak speed. Application details need to be reviewed to ensure performance.

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Product Description

The RCP6 Series is the sixth generation of ROBO Cylinders and offers a wide variety of models, loading capabilities and stroke lengths with numerous controller options, including a built-in controller-type allowing for a smaller electrical cabinet and distributed control. Gateway and hub units provide various networking and control architecture options. The battery-less high-resolution absolute encoder is included as standard. It has improved positioning repeatability of +/- 10 microns with a higher precision option of +/- 5 microns available. Cleanroom and dust/splash-proof units are also available.

Options available:

  • Strokes up to 1,100 mm
  • Speeds over 1.2 m/sec
  • Forces up to 2,000 N
  • Slide, rod-style and table types
  • Motors in both inline and wrap-around
  • Wide and narrow bodies
  • Incremental or battery-less absolute encoder
  • Cleanroom specification
  • Dust/Splash-Proof specification

Dimension Drawing

iai rcp6-ra4c actuator dimensions


How Do I Size and Select Electric Linear Actuators

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