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Intrinsically Safe Interface Modules

TURCK 7/30/2018

TURCK's IM series of Isolating Intrinsically Safe Barriers is designed to be a simple and safe way to solve the problems associated with the installation of equipment that is used in potentially explosive atmospheres. TURCK's IM series utilizes the intrinsically safe concept that is universally accepted, easy to apply and the safest way to install electronic measuring, monitoring and control equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres. The IM series uses state of the art circuitry and the latest technology to produce an unsurpassed product that provides the best explosion protection interfaces on the market.

The IM series of Intrinsically Safe Interface Devices is application specific: Each device is designed to work in a specific application, be it analog input, analog output, discrete input, discrete output or others. The series was designed to handle the vast majority of applications where instrumentation and control in potentially explosive atmospheres is typically installed. A small number of interface devices will cover a large number of applications. This is a huge benefit, as limiting the number of different types of interfaces can significantly reduce the number of spares. Reducing the number of model variations of those spares makes replacement or expansion much easier, while also consolidating stock and making inventory easier to manage.

Intrinsic safety has come of age with the introduction of the IM series of Intrinsically Safe Isolating Barriers, making IS
applications in potentially explosive atmospheres safe, simple and economically attractive.

Choosing an appropriate IM series Isolator is made simple with the help of this guide. The interface devices outlined within this guide allow you to make the appropriate selection for the corresponding field devices or connections with ease.

Intrinsically Safe Interface Modules