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TBEN-L-RFID Module with OPC UA Server

TURCK 8/2/2018
Product Announcement

Turck has added an RFID module with an OPC UA server to its TBEN-L family, paving the way for the integration and implementation of RFID systems for the Industrial Internet of Things.

OPC UA (Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture) is a global industry protocol for use on any platform or device, regardless of operating system or programming language. The protocol offers numerous advantages, including:

• Direct provisioning of information to higher-level systems (MES, ERP, Cloud, PLC, etc)
• A simple and seamless integration process, independent of manufacturer or platform
• Built-in security protocols to protect data from unauthorized users

The TBEN-L5-4RFID-8DXP-OPC-UA provides large volumes of data quickly and simply without requiring fragmentation or a reduction of the data volume. Additionally, the module supports optional commands of the Companion Specification, such as lock, kill, and password functions for UHF.

TBEN-L-RFID Module with OPC UA Server

Frequently Asked Questions

Which industries can this product be applied to?

• The module is ideal for applications involving logistics or tool machines, such as tool monitoring. The fully encapsulated housing and IP67/IP69K rating also allow use in harsh environments or in the field.

How many connections does this device support?

• Up to four Turck HF and UHF read/write heads - as well as sensors and lights - can be connected via eight DXPs (digital inputs/outputs).

Can the module be used to increase operational efficiencies?

• Absolutely. The module is capable of logging operating data, plant availability, and utilization level. This data can then be used to analyze and optimize production processes throughout the supply chain.

Key Features and Benefits

• Platform independence
• Standardization of RFID functionality
• Secure authentication & encryption
• Easy handling and special functions

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