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The VACON Advanced Safety Options have arrived!

Danfoss 6/22/2017

VACON Advanced Safety OptionsVACON Advanced Safety Options OPT-BL, OPT-BM and OPT-BN add advanced functional safety capabilities to the VACON NXP family. Descriptions of each of these three new products can be found on the Danfoss Drives website.

The Advanced Safety Options include the following features and functionality:
Stopping features: 

STO – Safe torque off: 
SS1 – Safe stop 1 
SS2 – Safe stop 2 
SQS – Safe quick stop 
SBC – Safe brake control 
SOS – Safe operating stop 

Safe monitoring functions: 
SLS – Safe limited speed 
SMS – Safe maximum speed 
SSR – Safe speed range 
SSM – Safe speed monitoring

To program the new options, you will need to use the VACON Safe software tool. It is important to note that you must update to the latest version of VACON NCDrive (version 2.0.32) in order to interface with VACON Safe and the Advanced Safety Options.