Silent Panic Switch for Walk-In Freezers

Edwards Signaling 10/2/2018
Silent Panic Switch for Walk-In Freezers


Installing a silent panic switch in a walk-in freezer to prevent accidental lockup or intentional imprisonment of a person inside a walk-in freezer. The Sentrol 3040CT, 3045CT, 3050CT and 3055CT have been specifically modified for low-temperature use in walk-in freezers. The 3050CT and 3055CT feature a glowing LED for low light visibility. The LED glows green when powered up, turns red upon activation. The 3050CT contains a latching LED, the 3055CT is non-latching.


The best location for the Interlogix freezer switch is mounted inside the freezer, at some point between the floor and 4" (10.2 cm) below the door knob. The switch should be able to be reached by someone lying on the floor.

Temporarily position the 3040CT or 3045CT where it will be mounted and mark the screw holes and the hole for the leads. Drill pilot holes or start the screws. Insert the screws through the switch housing and tighten firmly in place.

Note: The 3040CT has a separate latching LED circuit. It must be powered and reset by a push-button +5 to 12 VDC source in or mounted outside the alarm panel. The 3045CT has no latching LED.

Test the 3040CT by pulling the handle down until the LED lights. Close the handle. Activate the normally closed push-button or toggle switch located in the master control panel to interrupt power to the latching LED. The LED will go out.

Test the 3045CT by pulling the handle down.


3040CT, 3045CT, 3050CT, 3055CT

Silent Panic Switch for Walk-In Freezers