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New SCE Breather Vent

Saginaw Control & Engineering 11/29/2016

New SCE Breather VentThe SCE-BVK breather vent from Saginaw Control & Engineering is designed to equalize the pressure differential in an enclosure.  In extreme weather conditions or wash down applications a large negative pressure differential can develop in a tightly sealed enclosure.  Leakage can occur in the enclosure if it is not adequately vented.

An enclosure subjected to a temperature differential of just 20 to 30 degrees can result in damage to the seal.  When cool water is applied to an enclosure with a higher internal temperature, the temperature inside the enclosure rapidly drops.  The air contracts, creating a vacuum inside the enclosure.  Almost immediately, the vacuum starts to draw in water at the weakest link, or even pull water through the gasket.  This will continue until the pressure is equalized.  The smaller the enclosure or part the quicker this reaction occurs.

In some installations, a wire conduit may be found to be adequate to serve as the vent and equalize the pressure, but in most applications is not enough.  In Type 4 and 4X Enclosures, no drain holes are required or provided.  Therefore, it’s increasingly important that sufficient ventilation exists or a Type 4, 4X breather vent are added to equalize pressure.

Outdoor Considerations:

Enclosures in outdoor applications can be exposed to conditions that are far more severe.  Solar gain can cause increased internal enclosure temperatures.  The enclosure will also be exposed to rain temperatures that can be as low as 32°F.

The SCE-BVK can be used as either a drain or breather vent.  Install on the side of your enclosure as a breather or on the bottom as a drain and vent.  It is made of corrosion and UV resistant Polycarbonate material and is UL Recognized Type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 3RX, 3S, 4, 4X & 12.  Click for more information on the SCE-BVK.