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Harness and Cable Assembly Solutions

TURCK 8/15/2017

Harness and Cable Assembly SolutionsTurck introduces Harness & Cable Assembly Solutions, a specialized engineering team that’s dedicated to designing custom solutions for challenging applications. The harness team draws on Turck’s industry leading connectivity expertise to solve the most difficult connectivity applications, from offering standard cable and wire assemblies to developing custom overmolded harness solutions. Whether an application must withstand extreme environmental conditions, combat continual flexing or meet specific certifications, Turck works diligently to get the job done.

This in-house design team partners with customers to efficiently solve their application challenges. With a full-service approach to simplify the design process, Turck is able to transform a napkin sketch into a finalized product, manufacture directly from customer prints, or employ an in-house toolshop and testing service to run the project from start to finish.

Turck’s harness and cable assembly capabilities lead the industry, and include automated strip crimping, hot stamping, looming, termination of industry standard connectors, and potting. The team also provides a wide range of services including bonded inventory, Kan-Ban, overmolded cordset options, PPAP, and kitting.

“With a wide range of expertise and capabilities that the average harness provider simply cannot compete with, Turck offers solutions that allow you to install and rest easy, knowing your systems are running reliably. Where others say ‘no’, Turck finds a way,” said Todd Baumgartner, Business Development Manager - Harness and Cable Assemblies.