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TURCK 6/6/2018
TURCK PS300 series of pressure sensors designed for hydraulic applications feature rugged, IP69k rated design to withstand harsh environments. PS300 sensors provide a wide measuring range, from 3 to 400 bar. Signals are directly processed on the PS300’s newly developed pressure measuring cell, and then digitally transferred to the sensor’s fully potted, self-contained display. This design offers a high level of EMC resistance and an excellent switch point accuracy of 0.5 percent of the full scale.
PS300 sensors are available in male or female 1/4” NPT or G1/4” thread versions, with digital or analog (voltage or current) outputs for all measuring ranges. Bonded seals ensure a reliable process connection for high-accuracy measurements. The sensors support the I/O-Link communications standard, allowing processing data to be transferred via a digital output.
TURCK Instrumentation
Submersible Pressure Transmitter
TURCK introduced its submersible pressure transmitter to meet the increasingly difficult level detection challenges presented in industrial environments, like tanks containing liquids such as gas and diesel, or wastewater and irrigation systems. TURCK’s PT4510 submersible pressure transmitter was designed for low level applications of up to 400 inches, while the PT4500 is available in ranges up to 100 psig.
The PT4500 and PT4510 submersible pressure transmitters are used to detect the level of water or other media with similar density by placing the transmitter at the bottom of the tank holding the liquid. These transmitters convert the pressure reading to an analog 4-20 mA output signal. The electrical connection to the transmitter is routed through the top of the tank and contains power and signal wires, as well as a breathing tube used as a reference port to determine the atmospheric pressure outside of the tank. These IP68 rated stainless steel pressure transmitters may be used in industrial applications, as well as hazardous classified areas. The sensor carries a UL/cUL 913 approval for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D locations when installed with an approved barrier, such as TURCK’s IM33 series.
TURCK Instrumentation
Dual Analog Flow and Temperature Monitor
The FTCI flow sensor series provides both flow and temperature outputs for common cooling applications. Now TURCK is able to offer analog outputs for both flow and temperature. The temperature output is scaleable within the unit. The sensors are available in 3/8”, 1/2” and 3/4” with a flow rate up to 12 gpm.
TURCK Instrumentation
Miniature Temperature Transmitter
TURCK’s TTM miniature temperature transmitters use Pt-100 RTD technology and provide a pre-scaled 4-20 mA output. The new series is available in four temperature ranges: 0 to 100 °C, -50 to 50 °C, 0 to 150 °C, and -50 to 150 °C. The probes have a convenient M12 connection and don’t require special cables.
TURCK Instrumentation
Capacitive Sensor for Plastic Pellet Detection
TURCK’s BCC capacitive sensor series is specifically designed to provide accurate level detection in the plastic industry. The BCC series features excellent EMC and ESD immunity, allowing it to reliably detect the level of plastic pellets in a hopper while withstanding environmental interference.
BCC sensors are mounted on a plastic sight glass or in the hopper containing plastic pellets for point level detection. Standard capacitive sensors used to detect plastic pellets are prone to failure because of the electrostatic discharge frequently found in pellet silos and systems. The BCC series has been specially designed to resist ESD.
These innovative sensors may also be mounted directly in a metal hopper without a reduction in range, a common side-effect for standard capacitive sensors. The BCC series incorporates a unique laterally-mounted shield that protects the sensors from being affected by the metal hopper. Plus, the BCC series features an integrated processor that allows the sensors to detect different types of plastics with no adjustment needed.
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