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Convenient Processing of Large Cross-Sections

Weidmuller 3/27/2018

Cables with large cross-sections are used in the generation and distribution of electricity. It must be easy to process and reliably connect them. Handheld tools from Weidmüller guarantee safe and resilient crimp connections with minimal contact resistance.

The new battery-powered hydraulic tools from Weidmüller offer distinguished ergonomics and high performance to meet market requirements for safety and reliability. With superior crimp shapes, clean cutting results, comfortable documentation, and various crimping dies to process cable cross-sections up to 300 mm², they enable the highest processing quality at every work step.

Your special advantages

• Large cross-section up to 300 mm²
• Internal memory for documenting all crimps and cuts
• Automatic pressure limitation and sensor monitoring for precise results
• Superior WM-crimp form, hexagon and double indent, for optimum quality with little effort
• Suitable die sets to process various standard cable lugs from Weidmüller range