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Optimum Wiring in Confined Spaces - Klippon Connect

Weidmuller 3/26/2018

With the increasing complexity of switchgear, the number of connection points which need to fit in the smallest footprint also increases. Weidmuller Klippon Connect 2-tier terminal blocks with PUSH IN connection technology offer maximum connection flexibility on an overall width of only 3.5 mm.

The 2-tier terminal blocks meet the current industry requirements due to their large number of variants and the possibility of connecting three different potentials on a width of only 3.5 mm. Various colours and marking options ensure a safe and structured wiring. The smart design and the numerous connection options make the Klippon Connect 2-tier terminal blocks with PUSH IN technology an all-rounder for a broad range of industrial applications.

Your special advantages

• Test point on each tier for easy troubleshooting with a 2.0 mm test plug
• Cross connections at each tier for shorter wiring times
• Space-saving width of only 3.5 mm
• Clear identification due to large marking areas
• Suitable for many special applications due to different connection functions and colour-coded design

Particularly space-saving
A terminal block is only 3.5 mm wide. Cross connections on each tier permit a bridging of the potentials for shorter wiring time.
Klippon Connect 2-tier terminal blocks
Large variety
Due to the colour-coded design and the different connection functionality, the terminal blocks are suited to a wide range of specialised applications.
Klippon Connect 2-tier terminal blocks
Simplified testing
The integrated test point on each tier allows for fast, straightforward testing procedures with standard testing plugs.
Klippon Connect 2-tier terminal blocks
Professional identification
Large marking areas in combination with our marking solutions ensure clear identification of the individual contact points.