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Weidmüller PROeco switched-mode power supply units

PROeco Power Supply UnitsReliable and efficient power supplies, equipped with all of the basic functions, in an extremely compact, space-saving design
With its new PROeco switched-mode power supply units, Weidmüller offers reliable and efficient power supply solutions with all of the basic functions. Switched-mode power supply units of the PROeco series boast above-average performance values and compact dimensions, especially in series machine construction. When users are looking to use reliable power supply with basic functionality for automation technology purposes, the PROeco switched-mode power supply units are also the obvious choice given their high degree of efficiency and system suitability. In addition to the PROeco series, Weidmüller also offers the PRO-M, PRO-H and INSTAPOWER families of switched-mode power units, which cover a multitude of requirements.