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Reliable Transmission of High-Frequency Data - OMNIMATE

Weidmuller 3/27/2018

A wide variety of PCB jacks are needed for the data transmission in Industrial Ethernet environment. Trends in technology, like the shift from fieldbus to Industrial Ethernet, demand an increasing number of designs of RJ45 PCB jacks to enable adaptation to individual housing design.

RJ45 components from Weidmüller ensure a reliable transmission with high data rates of up to 1 Gbit/s and provide sufficient safety reserves. With diverse variants, such as for THT, THR or SMT soldering methods, the PCB sockets are suitable for all common methods of circuit board assembly. The shielded technology also allows its use in products for rough and electromagnetically noisy environments.

Your special advantages

• Weidmüller RJ45 PCB jacks actively counteract noises by integrated “Magnetics”, save space on the circuit board and reduce assembly costs
• The reinforced gold layer improves corrosion protection, reduces contact problems, and guarantees high durability