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Reliable Locking - Comfortable Handling - RockStar

Weidmuller 3/27/2018

Machinery, energy, transportation, and device manufacturer: Heavy duty connectors are used to reliably transmit energy, signals and data. Our robust RockStar housings protect sensitive contacts against external environmental influences and damages.

Due to their increased shock and vibration resistance, the new RockStar bulkhead housings withstand even toughest environmental conditions. heir interchangeable locking latches are 20 % lighter than before. The smooth and firmly locking latches simplify maintenance, increase machine availability, and facilitate locking and unlocking in confined spaces. Its robust stainless steel elements guarantee a secure and durable locking.

Your special advantages

• Increased resistance against shock and vibration for an optimal protection against environmental influences
• Replaceable locking lever
• 20 % weight savings per locking lever