Stud Terminal Blocks

ABB SNA stud technology terminal blocks are dedicated to the connection and distribution of power into installations. Main benefits include Saved space in cabinets thanks to high density wiring with up to two conductors per stud; Increase operator security thanks to rotating and removable protective covers for jumpers and connections; Secured wiring thanks to the combination of lug and stud that prevent conductor pull-out; Reduce maintenance operations : our clamps include vibration resistant washers combined with highly resistant steel clamps; Assemby is facilitated and mounting time is reduced thanks to bi-stable foot that allows fast locking or removal of terminal block on rail & Allow installation flexibility with extra mounting options such panel or plate. Main features include Connecting capacity from 35 to 300 mm² (1 AWG to 1000kcmil); Technologies : stud-stud or entrelec hybrid stud-screw terminal blocks; Compatible with lugs in acordance with NF C 20-130 and DIN 46234; Connections and jumpering system are isolated (IP20) thanks to rotative protective covers; Pins allow terminal blocks to be snapped together for better stability & Derivation accessory for monitoring relays.

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