SNK Series

The innovative range available in PI-Spring (Push-In and Spring) , screw clamp and pluggable technologies with common accessories and now distribution blocks. Qualified for worldwide applications and severe environments (such as hazardous locations, railways, marine and solar applications). Main benefits include Smart connection : the ABB PI-Spring technology allows 50% faster connection time & reduced effort and conductor preparation time; The ABB screw clamp technology eliminates the need for retightening campaigns; Smart logisitics : PI-Spring and screw clamp ranges share the same accessories reducing inventory by up to 50%; Selection and installation process is faster thanks to optimized accessories and direct plug-in functions; Smart Design : avoid mounting and wiring errors thanks to SNK asymmetrical design and flat and visible marking area & Excellent marker visibility thanks to the exclusive top marking location. Main features include Functions & solutions : feed-through, ground, disconnect, fuse, single to triple deck, test & measurement, marshalling; Exclusive with entrelec SNK series: end sections and circuit separators fit several types and sizes of blocks; Convenient double central channels allow multiconfigurations : jumpering, testing and measuring; Time & stock saving with plug-in insulated jumpers, cuttable and available up to 50 poles; Flat marking surface allows the use of marker cards, labels or pre-marking by hand & Save installation time with our snap on screwless ground terminal blocks,end stops, plugs and jumpers.